Hi, I'm Jen.


Growing up I always had a camera in my hand, beginning with a really rad pink LeClic disc camera in the 1980's.  Long before the days of camera phones and selfies, I used to practice by making my little brother pose for me with his toys.  All through high school and college I was always the friend documenting everything with a camera.

You might have thought I realized this calling early on, but instead I took the long route to become a photographer.  I got a degree from Marquette in Information Technology and my MBA from Indiana University, but still always felt a pull towards a more creative profession.  In 2007 I left the corporate world, started a little photography business, and have never looked back.  


Ten years, hundreds of clients, and probably millions of shutter clicks later, I am more passionate than ever about what I do.  Helping people document their most important days and tell their stories in an authentic way never grows old for me.  Getting to meet new people - especially people who dream big, live fully and love deeply - is the icing on the cake and the reason I stay so inspired.


With gratitude,








I'm the proud mom of three (ages 12, 9 + an infant!) and the happy wife of Andy.  Together we reside in Batesville, Indiana.


I love small town life and crave big city adventures. Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Chicago and Milwaukee (my hometown!) are a few of my favorite cities to explore and photograph.


My ideal day would be spent with family hiking and camping at one of our beautiful Indiana State Parks. (Followed by a campfire and s'mores, of course!)


Give me a thrift shop or antique store any day over a shopping mall.  Hunting vintage treasures is a favorite past-time of mine.


I enjoy baking and am in constant pursuit of the perfect chocolate chip cookie. Let me know when you will be by and I'll have a warm batch ready!

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