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Hi, I’m Jenny.


As a little girl, I always found myself sorting through my mom’s albums and piles of pictures she stored in our living room cabinet. I would sit there with my sisters and laugh and smile at the stories they told.  Most of them were of times I couldn’t remember without the photos, like how my sisters and I would pretend to give each other beautiful makeovers.


I received my first camera as a Christmas gift when I was in high school. It was a Canon PowerShot and I thought it was the greatest. Although I didn’t take pictures consistently, I loved capturing moments that would later tell the stories.


I’ve always had a desire to create, but took a different route for my career. I received a degree from Purdue University in Elementary Education and became a Kindergarten teacher right after graduating. I quickly fell in love with the excitement and unpredicted moments that would come about each day.  This is what drove me to buy my first real camera. I wanted to capture the unscripted moments of everyday life. Although I am not teaching anymore, I find that family photography is truly my passion, where I can help create fun and special memories.


 Jenny Koors



I am happily married to Bobby and we have a beautiful little 1-year old girl. We reside in Greensburg, Indiana.


Give me an apron, some measuring cups and a rolling pin and I’ll be entertained for hours. (Pies and cookies are my favorite!)


I love to travel, especially when I can bring my bike with me.


I have a twin sister, so if you see her, be sure to so say hi too. She just may not have her camera in hand.


I rarely turn down a cup of coffee, so if you are a coffee drinker, I’d love to share a cup with you!

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