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WELCOME. I am a wedding and lifestyle photographer dedicated to providing the highest level of service (and fun!) to my clients. My personalized approach to photography begins the moment you reach out.  I''ll take the time to learn about you and work hard to tailor the perfect experience.  The care and planning I put into each session makes my clients feel at ease in front of the camera, and in turn creates authentic & beautiful images.  I love what I do - especially meeting people like you and documenting your most important days! 




The experience was better than I could have imagined.  It was so nice to have someone else there who was solely there for you.  To capture the moments that you never want to forget.  And someone who was able to extract those feelings and emotions without having to ask you to pose, or fake it.  The pictures we have are all genuine moments that took place that day….It was like you were invisible, never hovering or posing anything...  You really stepped up, not only as our photographer but also as our point person for the entire wedding day.  You kept us on schedule and helped our day go smoothly without a hitch…. You were pretty much the backbone of our day.

Meagan & Max

You have a quiet, humble way about you.  I like how you sit back and watch the family dynamic unfold instead of forcing unnatural poses.  Some of my favorite photos are the ones you took in our home.  The photos are completely unstaged… I love them because they seem so natural and looking at them takes me back to that stage of our lives.  My heart is always full when I see the photos you take of my family.  With four kids, it’s almost impossible for me to get them to cooperate when I get my camera out.  I love that you can freeze time for me so perfectly.

The Walter Family

The senior portrait experience was very relaxed - a very no pressure be yourself kind of experience.  I was really worried about how comfortable I could be in my own skin.  I’m at the age where typically what I see are my insecurities and that made me nervous about how that would translate into the photos, but you made me feel really beautiful in my own skin.  It felt fun and natural, not awkward and posed.  It was just comfortable to be goofy and myself and it turns out that translates into the best photos.  I really like your personality as a photographer.  You are able to help people relax and be themselves.  


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